What is Agave syrup ?

Agave syrup is a 100% natural sweetener made from agave, a succulent plant native to Mexico. The Aztecs used agave nectar to sweeten their drinks more than 2,000 years ago. It is called “honey water” due to its lovely light colour, its fluid texture, and its mellow flavour.

Eco-friendly harvesting !

How is agave syrup made ?

Sunny Via® agave syrup is extracted from the agave plant using a traditional method. The leaves are hand-cut from the agave plant to expose the core, which is known as a piña due to its resemblance to pineapples. Agave sap is extracted from the core, then filtered and gently heated to evaporate it down to a light, yellowish syrup. Nothing is added: no colourants, no additives, no preservatives!

Sweeten without altering flavour !

Why use agave syrup to sweeten ?

Sunny Via® agave syrup is good for the taste buds and for the figure; it is a healthy alternative to white sugar. It is high in fructose and very sweet with a low glycaemic index, and contains 22% fewer calories! Sunny Via® is your best friend for a great body and tasty snacks. It deliciously sweetens drinks, desserts, and dishes without altering their flavour. Turn to Sunny every day!