Porridge with fruits, nuts and Sunny Via® agave syrup

Recipe for 1 people
Preparation : 10 minutes


  • 50g of oat flakes
  • 200ml of semi-skimmed, full fat or plant milk
  • 3tbsp of agave syrup or coco flower syrup Sunny Via®
  • Several fruits of your choice (e.g. banana, blueberry, blackberries)
  • A mixture of nuts or dried fruits


  1. Heat the milk with the oat flakes in a saucepan over a low to medium heat.
  2. Stir frequently until the porridge thickens.
  3. Pour into a bowl and add your chosen fresh and dried fruits.
  4. Squeeze over a generous amount of agave syrup or coco flower syrup. Enjoy !

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